Rosscove Timeline

1875 → Rosscove is founded. It begins its existence as a minor mining community, but the local ore pits quickly dry out. It flounders for a while as a minor port before a local shipping company gets a contract to import goods from Asia.

1890 → After years of slow growth, Rosscove begins to turn its endeavors towards industry. Jared Melano, an enterprising Ventrue seeking an outlet away from Los Angeles, arrives and declares himself Prince of Rosscove. Kindred begin to flock to the city as it experiences explosive growth and wealth. The Prince proves his worth by orchestrating a counter-offensive and manipulating a number of work unions to riot against “anti-industrial gangs,” really werewolves trying to cause trouble in Rosscove.

1900 → At the turn of the century Rosscove officially reaches 500,000 citizens. Factories begin to spread across the landscape as the port creeps down the coast. Kindred bicker and fight over the developing spheres of influence in the city, largely left to their own devices by Prince Melano.

1920 → Disaffected Brujah and caitiff begin to flood into the city after the anarch revolts in LA. Most are ultimately sent away, although some keep roots in Rosscove. Prince Melano views the new Kindred with wary eyes, and orders his sheriff to keep watch on them.

1930 → Prince Melano is implicated in the sabotage of efforts to retake LA from the anarchs. There is a brief civil war among the Kindred of Rosscove, ultimately leading to the prince executed and most of his primogen exiled and disgraced. Rather than allow a new prince to be chosen from among them, the archon in charge of America assigned Prince Thomas Valenco to the city because of its strategic location and assets. Prince Valenco, savvy to the politics of the Kindred, brings an ally with him in the form of a young Losombra named Clayton Hettinger he has allied with, the childe of a friend of his sire. This, along with his differing values and unconventional appointment, resulted in a schism in the Rosscove Kindred, which led to a large portion of the Ventrue in the city to declare themselves “anarchs” of a sort. Rather than risk more instability in the face of an encroaching Sabbat offensive, Valenco allowed them a small section of the city, the suburb of Glendale. Of the original primogen in the city, only the Malkavian Lucretia remains in power.

1934 —> Prince Valenco’s rule is tested for the first time when an influential Malkavian named James Osmund snaps and slays the newly-appointed Toreador Primogen and sheriff. The Prince calls a blood hunt, and Osmund’s haven is burned down, but the Malkavian manages to flee the city with his childe, escaping judgment.

1942 —> Tremere are welcomed cautiously into the city. Though some Kindred oppose the arrival, no formal opposition is raised. The Prince allows them to build a chantry, though keeps a cautious eye on the Warlocks.

1950 → Valenco proves himself to be a capable ruler who follows old-world values, keeping the city ordered while allowing the Camarilla to throw off the Sabbat, who try to move in after stirring up a northern Lupine tribe and kiting it into Rosscove as the first wave of their offensive. A working relationship is struck with the Ventrue anarchs, allowing an “anarch ambassador” to sit in on Elysium and give them a voice in the city. She is largely ignored.

1958 → To ensure they would not be easily ousted, the anarchs of the city elect Andrew Valenco to the position of Baron. His animosity towards the prince (his great-uncle when they were alive) is a driving force that keeps him popular among the anarchs of Rosscove.

1970 → Race riots erupt between the ethnic divisions of the city, with Hispanic and Asian immigrants fighting with American citizens. It is a new tactic for the Sabbat to stir up chaos in the city before moving in. While some damage is caused, the attack is repulsed and several young Kindred take the opportunity to cultivate power with the city’s criminal element. However, the distraction allows the anarchs to expand their territory for a while.

1990 → Rosscove reaches 5 million citizens, with equal parts industry, financial, and warehouse/port districts feeding the city economically and culturally. Even with this influx of power and wealth the city’s Malkavian population begins to leave and disappear for seemingly no reason. Around the same time the Russian mob decides to move in on Rosscove, ousting gangs from several sections of the city.

1991 → A young, hot-blooded werewolf wrecks havoc in the city. It tears through 3 neonate coteries over the course of two months before it is subdued by Sheriff Tsung and his childe Drake.

1998 → Under the leadership of a mysterious new Archbishop named Sergei Volonov, the Sabbat begin to worm resources into the city quietly and subtly. The first signs of war are several Nosferatu ghouls turning up dead at the pier.

1999 → The Sabbat make their first explosive move, a “terrorist” attack on city hall that nearly wipes out the city’s primogen who were meeting before an Elysium. The meticulous planning on Seneschal Grand’s part manages to save them, but the realization that the Sabbat may prove a true threat this time quickly dawns on them. They seem to strike everywhere at once, and for a while the city is thrown into true chaos.

August 28, 2000 → The chronicle begins. Sabbat activity has died down, but the Camarilla have been unable to push them out of the areas controlled by the Russian mob. The Anarchs have been expanding again, encompassing almost a quarter of the city. There are quiet rumblings in the city that Prince Valenco may not have what it takes to combat this current threat.

August 31, 2000 → The Sabbat shatter the fragile peace by making an underground tram go nova with the liberal use of C4. It appears the fighting is to begin in earnest.

September 2, 2000 → Elysium is held, where it is revealed to the general population of the Camarilla that Prince Valenco was slain during the last Sabbat attack. The Primogen take control of the city until one of them can be chosen as the next prince. The Anarchs are snubbed when their ambassador is forcibly removed from the proceedings and informed she is no longer welcome.

September 6, 2000 → A Tzcimsce is uprooted and destroyed from a closed butcher’s shop in the slums. It seems he was creating a horrible brood of squid-people and loosing them into the sewers. Tensions between the Anarchs and Camarilla are on the rise as border skirmishes seem to flare up.

September 9, 2000 → Sabbat raids have been increasing in fury, claiming several Camarilla Kindred. Drake, the childe of Sheriff Tsung, counter-raids a Sabbat hideout with the city’s newest deputy and recovers information on Sabbat movements. The same night, the haven of Prince Valenco’s Lasombra ally, Clayton Hettinger, is attacked and destroyed. Hettinger and his childe go missing.

September 20, 2000 —> Information recovered from the counter raids, along with the intervention of the Nosferatu Nikolai, leads to the discovery of a network of underground cargo trams, thought long-abandoned. It appears the Sabbat have been using them to move about the city undetected. A large base, based around the abandoned asylum, was found and attacked. Surprisingly, Hettinger used this opportunity to reveal himself to the city once more. Several Sabbat packs were killed, and their Tzcimsce leader, a polite Fiend who called himself “Dr. Harti,” was encountered. Nikolai disappeared, as the Nosferatu are wont to do, after finding and rescuing his fellow Sewer Rat Cedar. Ultimately, the assault group made it out intact, leaving Harti to experiment in his haven.

September 22, 2000 —> Expecting a lull after their blow against the Sabbat, the Camarilla turn their eyes north, to a show of strength against the Anarchs of Glendale. A series of lightning raids over the course of the night leaves several dead on both sides of the fence, and little territory gained.

September 26, 2000 —> Elysium is called by Seneschal Grand, to inform the Kindred of Rosscove of the plans being drawn up to combat the Sabbat. However, the show is stolen by the return of Baron Andrew Valenco and several high-ranking Anarchs. They claim they wish to reintegrate with the Camarilla of Rosscove, provided the Baron be given the ceremonial role of Primogen to the Ventrue…

Rosscove Timeline

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