Juniper Bailey



June is known for a few simple traits: efficiency, no bullshit, and a never ending supply of guns and cigarettes. Lately, one of the most reliable vampires in the city- June has taken up a mantle of a volunteer deputy. Give her a cause that’s worth her interest, and she’ll give it hell with enthusiasm.

June can often be seen riding through the city on an old black motorcycle with a large duffel bag slung over her shoulder.


According to neighbors that remember young Juniper Bailey; the girl grew up in a small, picturesque suburban family that tried a little to hard. Remember when Mrs. Bailey tried to make an apple pie for the church bake sale? Poor woman lacked the talent…and Mr.Bailey…the screaming you’d hear from the house at night…

It wasn’t too long after high school that young Juniper ran away from home with a small savings she’d earned and squirreled away. She went to college in Rosscove for a time, until her meager funds dried up…but it was there that our little awkward shut in became the no shit butterfly that was doomed to go out in flames. College life had its freedoms, and its causes…and June found herself in the midst of it-raising the banner and fighting the good fight.

All attractive qualities for a Brujah looking to expand his family tree.

Juniper Bailey passed away in 1985…and has been dead and kicking ever since/

Juniper Bailey

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