Tag: Discipline


  • Blood and Fire

    Vampires are a cut above humans. This much is true regardless of whether you see the Embrace as a blessing or a curse. Their mystical vitae and the strength of their wills backed by the inner Beast residing within each one, allows them to perform …

  • Thaumaturgy

    The technical term for the secretive sorceries performed by [[Clan Tremere]]. None outside of the clan know what exactly is involved, but wild rumors abound. It is said Thaumaturgy can do everything from learn your darkest secrets with a glance to boil …

  • Fortitude

    Fortitude is an instinctual Discipline, raising a vampire's ability to shrug off damage to extreme heights. Each dot of Fortitude adds a dot to every soak roll, including rolls for aggravated damage.

  • Potence

    Potence is an instinctual Discipline, called upon subconsciously when it is needed. It adds the fury of the Beast to a vampire's muscles, allowing for feats of extraordinary strength. Whenever a roll uses the Strength attribute, add a number of …