Violet Adams

"All Seeing" Sabbat Consulant


Violet Adams is vaguely remembered in older minds as the chile of Doctor James Osmond, former head of the Rosscove Asylum. It’s said that he turned Sabbat in the 1930s shortly after devouring both the Sheriff and Toreador primogen after an argument of ideals. Sire and Childe fled the city under the cloak of the Sabbat as their asylum home was set ablaze.

Rumor has it that Violet Adams has recently returned to Rosscove to tidy up unfinished business. Occasionally, in the dark of night, she can be seen in coat and tails…wandering the streets like a stray cat…a little too curiously.


Violet started her adult life in the care of the Rosscove Asylum to be cured of her “wild ideas”. After holding resistant to treatment, it was determined that the young woman could not be helped, and would be a prime candidate for lobotomy.

What happened afterward…Violet cannot really recall, save for a later discussion lying on a couch contemplating what might get all of those blood stains out…

It would seem, overall, that Violet has a keen interest in family matters, and though her sire has been departed for sometime, it is said that Violet has started a new with a childe of her own. He is supposedly a bit wayward however…and may have retreated to the Camerilla side of the fence. Perhaps he will see things Violet’s way someday.

Violet Adams

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