Vinny Aloisius

Tremere harpy


Vinny favors flashy, colorful styles in open defiance to his clanmate’s usual subdued fashion. Bright vests and matching hats, complementing slacks and shirts, the only rules he seems to follow are to stand out without clashing. He is of average height, but handsome build with an easy smile and laughing eyes that seem to dance about you as they take you in.


An odd addition to the warlocks of Rosscove, Vinny has neither the occult mysticism nor cool arrogance people have come to expect in the Tremere. He seems as if he’d be more at home in a rough pub shooting pool than a dusty library studying lore. Vinny can always be found at a side table in Elysium, eagerly tracking the rising and falling of social status among the Camarilla Kindred with his fellow harpies.

Vinny Aloisius

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