Sheriff of Rosscove. Effiecent and polite.


Tsung is tall and wiry, his sharp features clearly inherited from a noble Asian line. His black hair is slicked back against his skull, and his dark almond eyes give a piercing, hawk-like gaze. Tsung has never been sighted in anything less than a fitted suit, usually light grey or charcoal, but that never seems to stop him from hiding a respectable amount of firepower on his person.


Tsung has always been quiet and mysterious, even to those who deal with him regularly. An extremely skilled martial artist and gunman, he has proven that guns CAN be useful against a vampire, if utilized properly. He prowls the city with his Scourge and childe, Drake, enforcing the Prince’s will quickly and silently. His workload has greatly increased with the current Sabbat presence, but he is calmly rising to the challenge. Some whisper that the city would already be lost without his lightning incursions. After the death of Valenco, Tsung seems to be on a crusade to clear out the ranks of his deputies, purging some and replacing others. Whether this is from his own frustrations or hints of other agendas remains to be seen…


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