Salvadore "Sal" Montenegro

Sal is a distant loner prone to violent outbursts, and as such prefers the company of himself.


Sal keeps to himself but is never truly alone. His is a prison made maddening as he watches his body obey the night, rather than his increasingly desperate voice. Be it by coincidence or consequence, Sal is able to see and sometimes communicate with various spirits possessing Rosscove. His plight strikes a chord among some of them, they too helpless but to watch. Sal is easily brought to violence, and as such belongs to no special group, hunting and killing on his own. What little he remembers of his past is fragmented and confusing, the embrace having only further split a divided mind.


Salvadore Montenegro has never known a moments silence all his life. Sometimes he watched as his body would begin to diobey him, and other times there was a nearly inaudible whisper behind every thought. Despite all odds, Salvadore managed to find love. His wife helped him to take control of his life, and Salvadore was even able to get a job at a small community theater, where his unique background made him somewhat gifted in the stage life. A regular patron of the plays took increasing interest with Salvadore’s performance. After a particularly impressive performance, the patron offered to help Salvadore with his struggle. Everything after that is shards of memories to Sal, but now he is but a passenger in his own life.

Salvadore "Sal" Montenegro

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