Rosette Ashton

The Tragic Violinst


Rosette Ashton recently fled from downtown Rosscove, taking refuge in the company of the Anarchs.

Little is known about Rosette, save for the fact she’s been familiarizing her self with the less popular crowds of Anarchville. Despite her pretty face and clear bloodline, the fledging seems to have little interest in busying herself with traditional social expectations.

Her oddest quirk seems to be her hands…of which one is always gloved.


Rosette was a very talented concert Violist before her immanent and forceful demise. After a patron’s significant interest in her music…Rosette found that, unsurprisingly, people can be rather forceful in getting what they want.

After being held captive for a countless time, Rosette escaped her sire’s manner with only a broken violin and a vow for vengeance made to a dying man

Rosette Ashton

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