Margaret "Molly" Frasier

Molly owns and runs the Abyss nightclub in Rosscove.


There is nothing Molly loves more than Humanity. Their constant struggle against unwinnable odds stacked beyond their knowledge never ceases to amaze her. To her, people are her playthings, endless sources of amusement. From her extravagant nightclub,the Abyss, she looks down upon a neon sea of mortals defying despair. She is very territorial, other vampires are rarely welcome in her club; and never may they feed upon her guests. Many of the more common visitors have felt a curious aura about the place and some are occasionally welcomed to her VIP area for nights of unique entertainment. They leave disoriented and tired, but always remember the blur of a night well spent. Abyss is a technological marvel unto itself in many ways. The lighting system has many independently controlled lights of various types and sizes, which can either be controlled via console or by remote. The staff are all fiercely loyal to their master, and ensure that things go smoothly every night.


Margaret Frasier was an intelligent graduate student at the University in Rosscove working on her masters in psychology and sociology. Such demanding work however meant high levels of stress that regularly needed to be excised. Margaret’s panacea of choice was to go out clubbing. To lose herself in a sea of strangers she felt a deeper connection to people than any textbook could ever give her. One such night, Margaret met and impressed a man who found her views beautiful. That night, Margaret died and Molly was born. Soon after, the Abyss opened, and welcomed all despairing souls to its depths.

Margaret "Molly" Frasier

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