Mac Turner

Malkavian scholar


Mac’s very appearance screams scholar, from his mussy brown hair parted at the side to the sleek, silver spectacles always threatening to slip off of his face. His sense of fashion is woefully outdated, he often looks like he’s trying to evoke a 70s professor look with tweed jackets (complete with leather elbow patches) and plaid waistcoats. Mac is almost never seen without his loving accessory: a backpack crammed to the brim with books and notebooks, weighing down his otherwise ill-at-ease demeanor.


While many Malkavians have left Rosscove in the last decade, only Mac has returned. He has been tight-lipped about his reason for leaving, stating that he decided it was better for him to be in Rosscove than anywhere else. He is known for his collection of lore, impressive for a neonate, and his polite attitude. How Mac has managed to avoid the machinations of the elders of Rosscove is a mystery, and if he knows he isn’t saying.

Mac Turner

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