Lysander Williams

A bookish Malkavian with a penchant for exchanging information


Lysander hasn’t really made a name for himself yet in Rosscove, so there’s not much that people say about him. He doesn’t often go out of his way to make allies, but has been doing so in more recent times.

His current claim to fame/most recognizable stunt was being late to Elysium.


Born in 1945, Lysander was raised in middle-class suburbia near Boise. He was quietly rebellious, read voraciously, formed a strong bond with his younger brother Chris, and tried not to draw attention to himself so he would avoid bullying.

As the years went by, he only grew more interested in books, and became a librarian working the night shift. Eventually his desire for knowledge led him into trouble, and around 1978, he was turned. He continues to work the night shift as a librarian to this day.

His constant companion is Maya Alvarez, whom he accidentally turned into his ghoul when he drank from her one night. They are roommates and close friends, though where their relationship goes remains to be seen.

As far as the vampire world goes, Lysander is highly interested in the exchange of information, and would love to be able to share what he knows with others. He is working on doing just that.

Lysander Williams

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