Primogen of the Clan Nosferatu


Like all Nosferatu, Lance wears the Curse of Caine clearly upon his visage. A thin man, he favors ivory suits and classy dress shirts. His hair is sparse, and white, and his red-rimmed eyes shine a watery bluish grey. Thin, bat-like ears perk out from the side of his head, while long, talon-like fingers reside on the ends of his hands. Lance’s voice rattles and wheezes, ever mocking and jovial, and despite his condition he seems pleasant enough… as long as one doesn’t look directly at him.


Without looking at Lance, one could almost assume he was a Toreador with his knack for witty banter and urbane fashion. Among the primogen he’s known for his quick thinking and scathing retorts. His charm and social grace would almost cover up his appearance, but then again… he is a Nosferatu. His brood quietly skulks through the city, gathering information to further the Camarilla’s goals. With an unknown amount of secret knowledge, the leader of the Sewer Rats plots and broods…


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