Kenneth Lee


Kenneth is new to the city and has yet to make a name for himself in Rosscove but he has an ideas in his head to change that. What will be even more impressive is that he intends to do it without much help on the matter. Coming from a wealthy upbringing has only produced a disgust for the rich and overly well off. When seen in gatherings of the rich he is often apart from the others and shows little interest in the affairs of the foolish.

Wanting to brand himself as a hunter of sorts, Kenneth is willing to work the tasks that require and take down or simple capture. His time in the outback served him in a way where he wishes to apply the skills. Equipping himself so he can perform his tasks to their fullest with a trusty crossbow and custom wooden stakes.

Often seen in neat slacks and dress shirt which is worn only to honor the wishes of his sire he has normally and easily recognized by his outback/dingo hat. He traverse the nights of Rosscove on the latest and fastest of motorcycles, showing that he has not fully escaped from his rich past.


Coming from the land down-under Kenneth was born and raised into a rich family with more wealth than he would ever need. Constantly doted on by the servants that his parents highered for his education and protection, Kenneth rarely saw what the outside world had in store for him before the age of 16. Then he found ways to escape is lush prison and see what the world was really like. The difference in the rich life he was given and so many others made Kenneth lose faith in everything he had been taught and decided to abandon his family. Though have getting kidnapped soon after this attempted escape smashed the plans. He escaped on his own but the family retrieved him and sent him off to study abroad, hoping that it would reign in the rebellious youth.

After his return he was not any different and it would have appeared his opinion of other people in general had diminished. Becoming more distant he finally up and left his home after 18 years and made his way to the outback.

His time there was good for development of the skills as a tracker which he uses to this day. While in the outback he had the… “pleasure” of learning that the world is much deeper than what he normally sees from an aboriginal shaman. Who led him out of the outback and to civilization after much training.

He made his way to Perth where he set himself up as a guide for the rich and overindulgent and while working the job he inadvertently met his sire. The last day of a trip one of the traveler lost his watch on a night dive and Kenneth free dove to retrieve it. When he reaches the watch he accidentally encounters a Lion Fish on the wrong end of his spines and is sure to die. Luckily, the loner nature of the aussie catches the eye of a gangrel traveler and who dives in and begins Kenneths new life.

He has now come to Rosscove on the whim of his sire so as to try to find and perhaps fix what has troubled the city. And even though he is relatively young for the vamperic kind he also means to make a name for himself in accomplishing whatever it takes to make the the one who saved him rest a little easier in eternity.

Kenneth Lee

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