Anarch Ambassador to Rosscove


Jez wears her hair straight and black, cut in a bowl cut extending almost to her shoulders. Dark, shining eyes peek out from behind subtle dark eyeliner and shadow. Matching lipstick completes her ensemble, contrasting her ivory skin. She favors dark, simple yet elegant styles, often sporting a suit jacket/short skirt combo at Elysium.


Cool, collected, and proper, Jez strikes an imposing figure on the edge of whatever gathering she goes to. Unfailingly polite, generally quiet and modest, and ever watchful in Elyisum. Jez has served the Baron_Valenco for nearly 50 years, being his eyes, ears, and mouth at the social events of the Camarilla. Though she has made little headway in making allies, she has become a common enough sight that some younger Kindred forget she reports everything to her master in Glendale.


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