Gina Almanza

Childe of Clayton Hettinger


At first glance, the cute, petite blond woman, barely into her twenties, seems so sweet and harmless that one would be surprised to see her happily following around the grim and serious Clayton Hettinger. However, her cold, cruel smiles and dark jestings bely her true nature. Gina keeps a trim, efficient sense of fashion, usually seen sporting black slacks and a matching blouse, bought from fine materials with her sire’s money. Her grey eyes, chips of granite staring out at the world, carry no warmth to them. She is often seen swinging an old, solid crowbar, matte black except for the name “Rocky” carved into the side.


In life, Gina was the eldest daughter of one of Rosscove’s successful mob bosses. In death, she is Hettinger’s childe and enforcer. Utterly loyal, strikingly beautiful, and a little unhinged, Gina is never seen far from her sire unless she is sowing a bloody path through his detractors. She disappeared along with Hettinger after the attack on their haven, but has been spotted around the city, viscously giving Sabbat their just desserts for their audacities.

Gina Almanza

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