Francis Menini

Primogen of the Clan Ventrue


Cool, arrogant, and condescending, Primogen Menini exemplifies the classical Ventrue traits. He keeps his dark brown hair short and straight, his pale skin unmarred. Pale green eyes are deep set in his face, quite at home sweeping over a crowd with silent commands. Menini is only seen in custom-tailored suits of the highest qualities, and looks like he would terrorize a board room with his sheer presence.


Francis was granted the title of Primogen shortly after Prince Valenco took over the city. He has been a firm supporter of the prince from the beginning, tactfully putting down the Ventrue who went Anarch as traitors when the subject comes up. Although he is considered to generally be a yes-man for the Prince who only stays in power due to nepotism, those who follow the actions of the movers and shakers of the city have noted that his independent projects have succeeded surprisingly well and wonder if he may just be putting on an act while he bides his time. In light of the Prince’s demise, the general feel of Elysium would be that Menini would take over as the next Prince, but the council has stalled in electing a new one for far longer than anyone is comfortable with.

Francis Menini

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