Donnie Kay

Intellectual childe of Malcolm


Donnie cuts a striking figure wherever he goes, a confident young man, dark haired and sharp eyed. He favors dark clothing with a simple cut, like turtlenecks and solid sweaters. His hair is cut short and combed to the side, giving him the look of a young professor or intellectual activist, which he backs up through his rhetoric.


Unlike his sister, Joan, who is harsh and brash, Donnie believes that Kindred (especially his clan-mates) should hark back to a time of warrior-poets. He fervently speaks of ideals like Justice, Power, and Perseverance to any who might listen. He has even come before the primogen with plans to eliminate the Anarchs of the city or more thoroughly control the Kine in a humane way. However, Donnie is ever the dreamer and his plans have always been too expensive or time-consuming or dangerous to really work. He also finds any project of his will be wrought with setbacks from Joan, which usually ends in an escalating conflict until both sides have wrecked the current plan of the other.

Donnie Kay

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