Daria Grand

Seneschal of Rosscove, overworked in the absence of the Prince


A prim and proper woman, Daria does her best to put on a severe image. Her graying hair is tied back in a tight bun, her clothing of choice is a reserved gray pantsuit, and her clipboard is ever in hand. She looks down her sharp nose through narrow brown eyes, her face devoid of jewelry or makeup.


When Valenco was assigned by the Camarilla, Daria maneuvered her way to his side over the course of a decade. She has proven indispensable to Valenco with her connections to the Kindred of his city and her blending of old-world and new-world etiquette. She is showing strain over keeping the Primogen out of each other’s throats after the death of the Prince. Daria clearly does not wish to run the city, but finds herself stuck with the job in the wake of the Prince’s demise.

Daria Grand

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