Nosferatu ex-cat burlgar


The mark of Cedar’s bloodline is, as with all Nosferatu, horrifyingly apparent. Her skin is pulled taut all through her body, giving her a skeletal impression. With such an impression her long, hooked nose seems a beak, and her thin, wispy hair hangs loosely to her shoulders. Cedar enjoys wearing long coats and fine, if common, clothing. No longer wrapping herself in opulence, but refusing to give into despair and wear rags.


Cedar is relatively social for a Nosferatu. She’ll be the first to tell you how she used to be a beautiful dilettante who turned to crime out of boredom to become an accomplished cat burglar. Of course, her crime spree was cut short when she stumbled upon a valuable from one of the local primogen, but she seems to have taken her transformation in stride. She is one of the most prolific finders for the Nosferatu, and her easy-going attitude puts others at ease frighteningly quickly.


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