Andrew Valenco

Baron of Glendale


A slender, boyish face on such a powerful figure is often off-putting for those first meeting the Baron. He looks to be no more than 17, but with impeccable taste in fashionable suits and attire. He holds himself with the regality of one born to rule, not from a board room but from a throne. Andrew generally adopts a casual, calming air when meeting with others, but he can turn it into a stern authority in an instant.


A fallen star, Andrew Valenco arrived in America at the beginning of the twentieth century, leaving Italy’s stifling domains for the uncertain, yet open, markets of California. Upon moving to Rosscove, he quickly established himself as a daring and effective leader, entrenching himself in local business and politics like he was Embraced for it. It was Andrew Valenco who first began concrete plans to grow Rosscove into an economic and industrial powerhouse, and it was Andrew who first began to suspect the prince was disloyal. Unfortunately, when he brought his fears to his fellow Primogen, they ignored him.

After Prince Melano betrayed the city to the Sabbat and was defeated, it seemed almost certain that Andrew would take his mantle and rule the city. However, when the Archons stepped in and forced a foreign prince upon Rosscove Andrew was incensed. When he discovered that the prince they chose was an old rival and relation of his he became enraged. He refused to bow to the new prince, claiming that he would not end the madness of one tyranny to be subjugated by another. Rallying a large portion of the Ventrue in the city, along with a smattering of Kindred from other clans, Andrew exiles himself from Rosscove, setting down roots in the small nearby city of Glendale, vowing to grow its glory until it outshines any in the area.

Though occasional spats have cropped up between the cities, the rivalry between the Anarchs and the Camarilla are largely superficial influence battles. With the death of Prince Valenco in Rosscove, it seems the Baron Valenco has once again turned his sights to the city he helped build up…

Andrew Valenco

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